Solving the healthcare shortage crisis by going international: What you should know

Over the past few years – amid an aging population – concerns about how to handle the growing number of Americans who require increased access to healthcare services have reached new heights. Medical students weighed down by loan debt are shunning traditional, general medicine and turning toward more the more lucrative specialties sectors, creating a... Read More

Roy Parreno, PT

Finding the right agency… Roy Parreno felt the challenge of navigating through the license exam and what seemed to be monthly changes in the immigration process were very difficult. He searched carefully for an agency to help him. He found Avant. Roy had wanted to be a physical therapist in the U.S. since high school.... Read More

Erlinda Sistoso, PT

Getting knowledgeable guidance… Erlinda Sistoso had been waiting over a year and a half for another agency to process her credentials.  Immigrant visas to the U.S. were on hold when Avant took on her contract. According to Erlinda, “Avant came to the rescue.” Making a dream come true… Erlinda’s childhood dream was to come to... Read More