The Process

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Avant leads you and the international professional every step of the way to a successful staffing solution. First, we work with you to understand your needs and create a staffing agreement that is specific to your unique requirements. Then, our recruitment team screens and selects the best international healthcare professionals for your staffing needs. After determining that a candidate meets the stringent requirements to be an Avant professional, we guide them through the licensure, testing, and immigration processes necessary for them to work in the United States. Then we match you with the very best candidate for the position you need to fill. Once a match is identified, your Avant client services representative follows through to assure personalized attention to every detail of the transition of your candidate to being a valued member of your team.

Get Started

Ready to hire an internationally trained health professional that fits your staffing needs? We have an easy outline of steps to guide you! If you have questions along the way, your Avant representative is ready to help!

Before the assignment begins

  1. Contact an Avant representative to learn about how internationally trained health care professionals (HCPs) can help solve your critical staff shortages and provide immediate savings from higher cost travel and per-diem staff.
  2. Sign a staffing agreement with Avant
  3. Provide specific staffing requirements to your Avant client service manager
  4. Interview potential HCPs via telephone or Skype and select the right HCP for your facility
  5. Attend a session in-person or via webinar on the clinical support Avant provides the HCP and clients before and during the assignment term

During the assignment

  1. Deliver a facility orientation to the HCP
  2. Provide feedback on the HCP’s performance to Avant’s clinical support team
  3. Provide a 90-day evaluation of the HCP’s performance to Avant via a convenient web-based tool
  4. Provide an annual evaluation of the HCP’s performance to Avant via a convenient web-based tool

When the assignment ends

  1. Make an employment offer to the HCP
  2. Transition the HCP to your core staff