Our Founder

Avant Founder and CEO, Shari Dingle Costantini was diagnosed with viral encephalitis at 13 years of age, losing much of her motor coordination. But the challenges she faced and overcame so early in life were just preparing her for the journey ahead.

By the time she became a professional, practicing nurse, Shari not only understood the gravity of illness as a patient but she had become intimately familiar with the day-to-day struggles of providing patient care with increasing staff shortages.

Inspired by the challenge, years later, Shari transitioned to a position of nursing staff provider. It was then that the need for a more efficient and workable solution to this ongoing problem became her passion.

Because of that passion, Shari founded Avant Healthcare Professionals in 2003 as an answer to the highly specialized needs and challenges surrounding professional healthcare staffing.

Our Culture

Today, Avant Healthcare Professionals is a leader in the staffing industry, specializing in the international recruitment of healthcare professionals. The Avant team is recognized as a pioneer in the business of successful international healthcare placement.

Drawing from the personal journey of our founder as a nurse and a mother has provided the leadership insights for the building of Avant’s unique corporate culture. At Avant, we value holistic well-being. Whether its providing resources for personal development or encouraging physical fitness; we place great emphasis on work-life balance and the health of all our people.

Based in Casselberry, Florida, with more than 200 employees in over 32 states, Avant is a founding member of the American Association of International Healthcare.

Our Mission

The Avant Healthcare Professionals team is dedicated to making long-term matches between our qualified international clinical professionals and our client healthcare facilities in the United States to fill critical staffing needs.

Avant provides a unique combination of clinical and cultural transitions training as well as personalized, ongoing support to ensure the smoothest possible placement.

Avant is the best guide for international healthcare clinicians and United States clinical facilities to use to reach their career and staffing goals.

Our Promise

Positive patient experience. Exemplary clinical quality. Turnkey international staffing partnership delivering stability & reliability.

Avant is founded and operated by nurses and healthcare professionals with experience in professional recruitment. We understand the extensive process and potential issues faced by both international health professionals and healthcare providers as they seek to provide better patient care through international recruitment.

Though we have been leading advocates and activists for many of the best current staffing solutions, we are always reevaluating and exploring options to identify the best ways to successfully assimilate international employees and provide the highest return on investment for employers.

If you are looking for a way to fill your staffing needs or take the next step in your professional healthcare career, we invite you to discover the many advantages of working with Avant.

Discover a World of Benefits with Avant Healthcare Professionals!

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