We have Registered Nurses and Therapists!

Since 2003, we’ve assisted clients in overcoming their staffing challenges with internationally-educated registered nurses and allied health professionals including physical and occupational therapists.

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The Avant Solution


  • Augment staffing strategy
  • Improve continuity of care & patient outcomes
  • Build and stabilize an expert core staff


  • Reduce contingent spend
  • Reduce attrition/vacancy rates
  • Decrease overall long-term staffing challenges

We Are the Leader in International Staffing

Staffing international healthcare professionals since 2003.

Recruiting from more than 60 countries around the world.

1,500+ professionals placed throughout U.S. in acute & post-acute settings.

Superior clinical program & support for healthcare professionals & clients.





On average, Avant registered nurses have 5 to 7 years of experience and our physical and occupational therapists have 3 to 5.

Clinical Transitions Program

  • Jarvis’ Physical Examination and Health Assessment, foundation of CTP
  • Lippincott educational partnership with Avant
  • HIPAA, EMR, Sharps safety, Pyxis training, advanced directives, etc.
  • HCAHPS, Medicare and third-party payers
  • English language proficiency (TOEFL / IELTS)
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Cultural Transitions Program

  • Equips healthcare professionals with information regarding their new community (e.g. housing, groceries, schools, places of worship)
  • “Phases of Culture Shock” curriculum
  • Housing, cars, banking and spouse/family transitioning included
  • “Meet and greet” with Clinical Manager prior to start date
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All of our registered nurses are ACLS and BLS certified.

100% ACLS & BLS

Why Avant

Over 75% of our healthcare professionals convert to our clients’ full-time staff

Immediate cost savings compared to travel nurses

60-day, no-fee cancellation policy with no upfront or conversion costs

Improve patient outcomes, build expert core staff

What Our Clients Are Saying

She [an Avant RN] has excellent bedside manner with patients and their families … She is a fast learner who takes initiative and is always striving to be the best.


He [an Avant RN] is absolutely respectful towards his patients, his co-workers … I think he has the potential to be a long term member to the team.

John C., MD

She [an Avant RN] has done a fantastic job … She meets her patients’ needs … We are very glad to have her here as part of our team and look forward to her future growth..

Stephanie M.

Avant therapists … work so hard to make our programs and residents succeed … He [an Avant PT] jumped right in as part of the team.

Susan R.

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