Success Stories

A DAISY award is presented to an Avant registered nurse.

Have you heard what our clients are saying about our healthcare professionals?

"[Avant nurse] is doing a fantastic job. He has definitely exceeded my expectations. We have always had good success with Avant employees and he is no exception... If asked to rate his overall performance on a 1-10 rating scale it would be a 10! We appreciate him and Avant." - Carissa H.

"Our facility has made great improvements in HCAHPS scores due to consistent nursing care for our patients. We attribute this to Avant nurses and the passion as well as the work ethic they have. - Rachel S.

"We are quite impressed with the Avant team and the level of support and responsiveness provided. - Dan P.

"I can't say enough positives about [our Avant nurses]! They are doing a great job for us and we are so thrilled to have them! [They] just jumped right in without any hesitation and has excellent follow through... Thank you so much for getting them here! Your agency is wonderful to work with!  - Jennifer M.

"Our Avant nurse demonstrates much courage in her move here to the U.S. She brings a sense of such kindness, friendliness, and compassion to our unit each time she works and is always eager to accept advice and keeps an open mind." - Samantha M.

"When the patient was asked who provided excellent care they chose [an Avant nurse] out of all our staff. This is great to have individual names. You know how hard it is to remember names, faces yes, but names mean you did excellent. -  RN Manager

Another Avant resgistered nurse wins a DAISY award.

"Let me say how impressed I am in the early stages of our contract with your organization. I hope it never changes. The second notable mention is how impressed we are with [our Avant nurses] professionalism. She's already loved by both our patients and staff. She represents our agency and your organization well." - Kevin B.

"I feel that we are so lucky to have [our Avant nurse] and the way that she advocates for the safety of her patients is inspiring." - Heather A.

"A patient that [an Avant nurse] cared for in the last few weeks walked onto the SAU unit to thank everyone for the excellent care and said that he wanted to make sure [the Avant RN] and her boss knew how wonderful he thought the care was that she provided. He stated, Everyone was so awesome, but [the Avant nurse] was extra kind & sweet. She made me feel safe.Thank you [to our Avant nurse] for providing an environment where a patient feels safe and cared for. You Rock!" -  Karalee R.

"[Our Avant therapist] is an incredibly asset to our team. He is consistent with his paperwork and always receptive to feedback from our managers. He easily gives patient reports on the spot. We are very happy to have him on our team." -  Sara C.

"[Our Avant therapist] was recently selected as Clinician of the Year for our office at our annual employee recognition program. He continues to excel at patient care." -  Sam W.

"[Our Avant therapist] continues to be a great asset to our Physical Therapy team and overall staff. She is very professional and a diligent worker. She communicates very well and takes direction very well. Her documentation is very precise. She is a real team player. We are grateful to continue to have her on our team!" -  Shannon S.

"We are in LOVE with [our Avant therapist]! She is doing a superb job and has become one of our family members. Thank you for preparing her for work in the USA. She is amazing!" - Hillarie H.

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