Meeting the Nursing Shortage

Don’t let worry over the nurse shortage keep you up at night. We’ve got you covered!

Healthcare facilities nationwide are facing tough times when it comes to filling nursing jobs. The need for 1.09 million replacement nurses coupled with the decline of nursing graduate is adding to the nurse shortage. By 2030, the nurse shortage is expected to worsen with almost one million nurses retiring and leaving the workforce.

We understand the frustration you’re feeling to recruit and retain nurses in the face of America’s worse nursing shortage. Avant Healthcare Professionals was founded in 2003 to meet the staffing needs of organizations just like yours by augmenting your current staffing strategy with international nurses.

Strong pipeline of nurses

We recruit from over 60 countries around the world, so we have access to a strong pipeline of foreign-educated nurses in all specialties.

Bridge the experience gap

On average, our nurses have an average of five to ten years of experience. Our international nurses can help bridge the gap of experience between your new graduates and your nurses who will be soon retiring.

Long-term retention

Our nurses are on contracts of 6,240 hours to our client facilities before conversion with no upfront or conversion costs. This long-term solution provides your organization with greater continuity of care, consistent patient satisfaction, and helps drive retention.

All-inclusive rates

The cost for an Avant nurse is a flat hourly rate that is paid as the nurse works their assigned shifts. There are no extra or hidden costs in the contract. Typically, our rates are $5-$10 less than travelers, although the savings can be much greater depending on the nurse’s specialty.

Nursing Shortage Infographic

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