Our Core Values


We show up on time, prepared to work. We dress appropriately for the work place. We are polite and respectful to other team members and do not act, or use humor, in a demeaning or disrespectful way. We communicate accurately to others (payors, clients, patients, other healthcare providers) regarding our professional actions.


We are determined to succeed. We understand that moving to a new culture will be difficult, and we develop strategies for how to deal with discouragement. We set goals so that we can achieve the truly important things in life.

Customer Service

We recognize that delivering great customer service to our patients is an expected part of the United States healthcare culture and will make us successful clinicians. We respond to patient’s goals and needs and go beyond the expected standards of practice. We are advocates for our patients. As contract workers, we also strive to deliver great customer service to our client and their direct employees.


We take responsibility for our own actions, successes, and failures. See, seek and accept feedback on our performance from multiple sources.

Sense of Urgency

We approach our work realizing that time matters. Others depend on us to do our work quickly and well. We are proactive, and strive to address issues, problems, and concerns sooner rather than later.


We embrace and advance new opportunities, ideas and innovations. We learn and grow together to perpetually improve ourselves, our company and our community. We demonstrate a passion for continuous personal and professional learning, growth and improvement.


We care about and believe in our services and our opportunities. We bring enthusiasm, creativity and a "can-do" attitude to our interactions and generate excitement and commitment by sharing our optimism and successes.


We respect one another and are committed to helping one another be successful. We share our objectives, challenges, and successes, while respecting individual autonomy. We have fun while we succeed.


We recognize that our business is ever-changing and enthusiastically embrace the need to change and adjust. We remain positive in the face of change and seek to find opportunities in what may appear to be negative news.


We are people of our word. Our guiding principle is straight talk. We focus on delivering promised results and communicating progress clearly. We celebrate our success and accept responsibility for, and learn from, our failures.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace and advance new opportunities, ideas and innovations. We learn and grow together to perpetually improve ourselves, our company

Sense of Urgency

We approach our work realizing that there is competition that will be happy to take our business if we let them. It is critical to move forward sooner, rather than later—time matters. Complacency is a threat, and if we drag our feet, we will lose!

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