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Your exclusive look into the impact of COVID-19 on the nurse shortage...

Avant Healthcare Professionals has teamed up with multiple healthcare facilities to survey and collect data on the most recent trends in nurse staffing.

The nursing shortage will increase in the years to come as older nurses retire, current RNs burnout, educational resources for new nurses decrease, and the turnover rate rises. In 2022, more registered nurse jobs will be available than any other profession, and more than 100,000 positions will be added each year. 

As hospitals face excessive turnover rates and frequent patient influx, hospitals face critical staffing shortages. According to our survey, 73% of our respondents stated that COVID-19 would have a long-term impact with the loss of bedside nurses to other careers. 

In the last year, the nursing shortage has had a significant impact on nurse staffing and has left the United States healthcare system in critical condition. There are multiple factors regarding the ongoing nursing shortage, including nurse retirements, current RNs burning out and leaving the profession, lack of resources for new nurses, and opportunities away from the bedside.

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Topics Covered

  • Understanding 2022 Nurse Staffing Trends

  • Specialty By Demand

  • Effects of High Bill/Pay Rates

  • Continuing Impact of COVID-19

  • And more inside... 

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