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June 26, 2024

Daisy Award: Manny Guevarra

Manny is originally from the Philippines. In this blog, he shares his story about becoming a USRN with Avant Healthcare Professionals. He is also the recipient of the Daisy Award, which is a testament to his exemplary patient care. Congratulations, Manny! Read more about her story below...

Where are you from? Have you always wanted to become a nurse?  

Becoming a nurse was not my first choice; I originally wanted to be a vet and run our family pet shop in the Philippines. But I am close to my parents, especially my mom, so when she asked, I agreed to study nursing, planning to switch to vet medicine later. After getting my BSN, I passed the nursing board exam in July 2010. 

Why did you decide to become a US-RN? What convinced you to join Avant?  

I moved from Qatar to the U.S. because of family and a desire for stability. Despite a good job in Qatar, I wanted a place to settle down and build a better future for my family. With encouragement from my mom and aunt, who is a nurse in the U.S., I decided to give it a try. 

In 2018, I learned about Avant Healthcare Professionals through a friend. U.S. recruitment agencies were less advertised at the time, but after careful consideration, I decided to apply. Avant hired me, and my journey began, from reviewing for the NCLEX to eventually migrating to the U.S.  

How has your life changed since living and working in the US?  

Moving to the U.S. and getting used to life here was not as hard as I thought, probably because the culture is similar back home. However, it was unfortunate that my now wife could not join me in the U.S. sooner because of COVID-19. So, two months before my departure to the U.S. from Qatar, I asked my friends back home in the Philippines to plan an online engagement proposal, which was both memorable and bittersweet since we did not know when everything would return to normal. Thankfully, it did because it allowed me to go home in 2023 and marry the love of my life. On the other hand, my mom was blissful because she now had a chance to reunite with her sister.  

Since coming here, my nursing career has taken off. I am working towards getting more certifications because I would love to add those titles to my name.  

The Daisy Award was completely unexpected because I had no intention of winning it. However, ever since I started nursing, I have committed to being professional in dealing with my patients regardless of race, socioeconomic status, religion, etc. My first experience with the Daisy Award was a nomination in November in which I received a pin. I thought, “Well, I guess I am doing a good job to be nominated.” As if to remove any self-doubt that I may have, I won the award almost four months later. It was overwhelming because I was not fond of being in the spotlight, but I was grateful. It warms my heart whenever a patient stops and says, “Thank you for helping me and making me feel comfortable during my most stressful time in the hospital.” 

Any advice to international nurses about coming to the US to pursue their American dream?  

My advice to nurses who want to be US-RNs is to plan and carefully research the pros and cons, especially if you are starting your journey in the U.S. alone. Make sure that the decision you are about to make is in the best interest of yourself and the family you love the most. Finally, have faith—tons and tons of faith. Whatever your spiritual belief is, faith will give clarity to you. It did for me.  

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