What International Nurses Can Expect from Working in a U.S. Healthcare Facility

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August 01, 2023


Healthcare systems worldwide are becoming increasingly interconnected, especially as COVID-19 has placated the U.S. healthcare system. As a result, international and globally educated nurses are seeking opportunities to work in the United States for a better life overall and better work opportunities. Working in a U.S. healthcare facility can be an exciting and rewarding experience for international nurses. Still, it’s essential to understand what to expect before your first day. This blog will share what international nurses can anticipate when working in a U.S. healthcare facility.

What International Nurses Will Receive at their U.S. Healthcare Facility

Working in a U.S. healthcare facility allows international nurses to expand their horizons, gain valuable experience, and contribute to a diverse and dynamic healthcare system. While there are challenges to overcome, the opportunities for professional growth, cultural exchange, and the chance to provide quality care make it worthwhile. With the right preparation, international nurses can embark on a fulfilling and rewarding career in the U.S. while making their American dream come true with the help of Avant Healthcare Professionals.

High-Quality Infrastructure and Resources

U.S. healthcare facilities are often equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced medical technologies. Most of which some international healthcare professionals have never worked with before. International nurses can expect to work with modern equipment and have access to a wide range of resources to provide the best care possible to their patients and expand their knowledge of healthcare technology.

Enhanced Professional Development Opportunities

U.S. healthcare facilities emphasize continuous professional development that can extend to their healthcare professionals. International nurses can expect access to various educational programs, workshops, and conferences to enhance their skills and stay updated with the latest advancements in their respective fields. They must express their interest in continuous professional development to their nurse managers. Still, they will be able to learn more about what other career opportunities are available to registered nurses and how they can obtain them.

Patient-Centered Care

U.S. healthcare facilities prioritize patient-centered care. International nurses will work in an environment that emphasizes individual patient needs, collaborative decision-making, and holistic care approaches. Healthcare Professionals will learn that patients are always the number one priority at healthcare facilities and that they must do whatever is needed to ensure their patient is comfortable and taken care of properly, especially when in their care.

High Professional Standards

The U.S. healthcare system holds its healthcare professionals to high standards. International nurses must adhere to these standards when working at their facilities. This includes maintaining ethical practices, following evidence-based guidelines, and ensuring patient confidentiality. Certain healthcare systems may have codes of conduct that international nurses must learn and abide by when providing patient care.

Professional Support and Collaboration

Many healthcare facilities value teamwork and collaboration among their nursing staff. International nurses will work in an environment encouraging support, mentorship, and collaboration with nursing staff. Hospitals try to foster personal and professional growth among their staff to create a welcoming environment that their staff wants to continue to work for, for years to come.

Why International Nurses Will Love Working in the U.S. 

At Avant Healthcare Professionals, we want to ensure our international healthcare professionals have everything they need to achieve their American dream. There is a lot to discover for our healthcare professionals when starting their assignments in the U.S. There is a world of opportunities that we know you will love when you begin your journey in the U.S. 

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is essential at healthcare facilities across the U.S. As an RN working in a high-stress environment, you must take time for yourself. Although you will have long shifts, you will still have opportunities for downtime to relax from the long shifts at work. In the U.S., many healthcare workers take advantage of their downtime and time away from work to travel and try new experiences. You can explore your new city, try new restaurants, or hang out with all the new friends you will make in your new city. If you have family here with you in the U.S., this is the perfect opportunity to spend more time together as a family, planning dinners, going to the beach, or exploring other outdoor activities that your new city has to offer. Make sure you use your time away from work to do something that makes you happy and stress-free!

Strong Job Market and Economy

The job market in the U.S. is much stronger than in other countries. Despite this, the U.S. is still facing one of the most significant nursing shortages in years, which is only supposed to worsen. Due to the ongoing nursing shortage, the Registered Nursing profession is anticipated to grow faster than any other profession in the near future. For registered nurses and international healthcare professionals, this means job security is not something to worry about. Not to mention the benefits of healthcare, insurance, and compensation you will earn at your position, which will also benefit you while starting your life in the U.S.

Future Educational Opportunities

When you begin working as an RN in the U.S., you will soon realize that many hospitals and organizations value their employees and continue to invest in their staff. Healthcare executives want to ensure you are up to date on all current knowledge in healthcare and skills that will only grow your success as an RN. Your facility will be determined to ensure you are the most successful Registered Nurse possible! So, if there are additional career or education opportunities you are interested in, feel free to discuss this with your nurse manager. In the U.S., you can explore options, including conferences, educational seminars, and multiple courses that you can take to further your career.

Improved Work Conditions

Working in the U.S. will ultimately have you seeing improved work conditions depending on the country you worked in previously. There are significant amounts of investments made by healthcare organizations to improve patient care continuously and to make sure the staff is well taken care of. When you are working in the U.S., you will have the appropriate resources available to deliver complete care for all your patients. This includes advanced technology and equipment, high-end hospital infrastructure, and different teams and departments available for collaboration. Having increasingly favorable work conditions in the U.S. is among the higher priority for healthcare organizations.

High Quality of Living  

The U.S. offers one of the highest qualities of life than any other country. Healthcare professionals in the U.S. will have opportunities and experiences many worldwide do not have access to. In the U.S., you will find cultural diversity, employment opportunities, healthcare, security, and freedom. It also has a high-performing economy and will offer you and your family a high quality of life and open the door to countless opportunities to live your American Dream!

The Bottom Line

Hiring international nurses brings a multitude of benefits to U.S. healthcare facilities. From addressing workforce shortages and enhancing cultural competence to promoting diversity and knowledge exchange, international nurses contribute significantly to the quality-of-care patients will receive at their healthcare facilities. For international nurses, knowing what to expect before beginning their careers in the U.S. will be essential for them to become a vital part of their facility’s nursing staff and an important member of their healthcare system.

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